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Holistic Protection

Everyone, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, deserves equal access to opportunities and services, their safety and rights should be protected. This is one of the main goals that GEM believe in.
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Urgent Security Grants

GEM will provide Urgent Security Grants for beneficiaries experiencing immediate and elevated risk. This service works to provide security protection to the LGBTQIA+ individuals, communities, and rights defenders who need it the most.
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Research & Monitoring

Through its Research and Monitoring (R&M) Department GEM will provide legal and social research focusing on emerging issues facing LGBTQIA+ Syrian refugees and displaced persons. Research areas may include national laws in Syria and Syrian refugee-hosting countries, in addition to issues related to discrimination and treatment of LGBTQIA+, gender identity, social issues and barriers, LGBTQIA+ mental health, violations, and resettlement programmes targeting LGBTQIA+ people and other related topics. The Research and Monitoring department aims to influence change in national laws, support LGBTQIA+ through exploratory research, monitor emerging LGBTQIA+ issues, build awareness and promote the rights of the LGBTQIA+ people. GEM’s research and reports will be circulated with stakeholders, partners and in appropriate cases publicly through our advocacy department in an effort to advance the available information and knowledge on Syrian LGBTQIA+ contexts, contributing to wider positive change for LGBTQIA+ Individuals, communities, and rights defenders.


GEM works on advocating LGBTQIA+ rights at social, diplomatic, and political levels. Through the findings of its Research and Monitoring department, GEM will launch advocacy campaigns with media and actors in the Syrian context. This will raise awareness around both emerging and persisting issues, helping to combat stigma, prejudice, and discrimination faced by Syrian LGBTQIA+ communities. GEM will also support these communities through political participation and advocate for constitutional rights for LGBTQIA+ people, aiming to bolster the international and local mobilization for the recognition and protection of the rights of Syrian LGBTQIA+ Individuals, communities, and rights defenders.

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If you are a member of the Syrian LGBTQIA+ community,  are a Syrian LGBTQIA+ rights defender/activist, or are looking to refer a beneficiary under our criteria who is in need of our services,  you can Send an email to

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