Meet Our Team

Some of our team’s bios may be under pseudonyms or have some data hidden publicly, this is to protect the privacy of our members because we work in complex contexts

Özge Boztaş

Co-founder (Grants Department)

Turkish, They/Them

Ozge is an experienced humanitarian worker based in Gaziantep, Turkey. They are currently employed at an INGO as Grants and Business Development Coordinator, they received Chevening Master Grant in 2017-18 and completed one of their master’s degrees at SOAS, University of London on Migration Mobility Development. Moreover, they completed an MA in Women’s Studies at the University of London and a BSc in International Relations at Middle East Technical University. Converted from their master thesis


founder & (Chairman of the board)

Syrian, He/They

A Syrian human rights defender with more than 6 years of experience working in Crisis Situation  with CSOs and INGOs. Currently working in Grants and Programs in an INGO and is a member of more than one international and local body concerned with gender, Human Rights ,feminism and LGBTQIA+ contexts, also a member of Amnesty International.

Subhi Nahas

(Editor, Media, IT)

Syrian, He/Him

Subhi Nahas, started advocating for women’s and children’s rights in Syria, then started working with Save the Children as a translator and advocate. Through his work with them, he was able to reach the refugee community. At the same time, he co-founded the first LGBTQ Syrian magazine, called Mawaleh. The magazine was used as a platform to raise awareness and to educate both the LGBT community and the Syrian community. Subhi co-founded a support group for LGBT refugees in Turkey and organized a weekly talk called “Tea and Talk”, where LGBT people could sit down and talk about their issues and what they are facing. Then, the group expanded to offer medical testing and other services such as legal help and medical referrals.

Mega Arsheed

Co-Founder& Board Member (Communications, Advocacy,HR)

Syrian & Swedish, He/Him

Mega is a musician/singer/actor and a graduate of the Royal Stockholm University of business. Music and arts have been the tool that paved his way towards freedom of expression and acceptance of oneself and others, he makes for a strong public speaker with his experience in working internationally, and his open support for the LGBTQIA+ community. He operates one of the biggest organizations in Europe focusing on Communications and Human Resources, he has also volunteered with RFSL Sweden focusing on fieldwork and HR, helping new LGBTQIA+ Immigrants.


Co-Founder (Operations Department and Grants Department)​ She/Her

Syrian, She/Her

Sham brings 10 years of experience in supporting financial, administrative, operations, and human resources affairs. She has 8 years of experience in NGOs and currently manages both financial and grant management operations at an INGO. She should also be accredited for her bachelor’s degree in Economics.