Urgent Security Grants

GEM will provide Urgent Security Grants for beneficiaries experiencing immediate and elevated risk. This service works to provide security protection to the LGBTQIA+ individuals, communities, and rights defenders who need it the most. 

To qualify for Urgent Security Grants, applicants must meet crisis criteria either because of their LGBTQIA+ identity or because of their work for LGBTQIA+ people/ communities. Civil society organizations do not have to be officially registered to receive Grants but must be able to document at least six months of activism. We reserve the right to provide this service outside of the criteria under special circumstances at our discretion. Application inquiries should be sent to [email protected] or to our box in the get help section with detailed information describing why emergency assistance is needed. Emergency assistance applications can be submitted in English or Arabic.

All requests, including those which are denied, receive a written reply.

GEM does not guarantee the acceptance of all grant applications. GEM receives a large number of applications and we work according to our priority methodology.