Who We Are

Guardians of Equality Movement (GEM) is a Syrian LGBTQIA+ focused human rights organization GEM is founded and led by Syrian LGBTQIA+ Human Rights Defenders, Activists, and Survivors/Victims/Refugees who strive to prevent a repeat of and protect others from the suffering and violations that occurred against them. 

GEM is dedicated to improving the lives of Syrian LGBTQIA+ people who experience discrimination/abuse on a regular basis due to their sexual orientation and gender identity in Syria and throughout the global Syrian diaspora. GEM works towards the protection and advocacy of human rights at social and diplomatic levels for all vulnerable Syrian LGBTQIA+ regardless of political affiliations, religion, or ethnic background.

Prior to the Syrian conflict, there was a gap in addressing Syrian LGBTQIA+ needs and promoting their basic human rights, which has since been exacerbated by the conflict. We aim to fulfil this gap through our programs and services that target Syrians inside Syria and those living in other MENA countries (for example Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan). 

Our programs support Syrian LGBTQIA+ individuals’ basic needs, provide holistic protection services including in unsafe environments, document LGBTQIA+ rights violations, and conduct research & advocacy promoting Syrian LGBTQIA+ rights.

GEM was founded on September 14th 2021 by Syrian and international LGBTQIA+ activists who recognized the gap in the Syrian context around LGBTQIA+ Issues at all levels of humanitarian work, human rights, civil society, and politics, etc. As such it is one of the first NGOs/CSOs to focus wholly on this specialised field.

Solidarity in the face of inequality

Our impact

Improving the lives and circumstances of Syrian LGBTQIA+ individuals, communities, and rights defenders:

  • Through the holistic protection and advocacy of LGBTQIA+ human rights. 
  • By confronting stigma and discrimination in communities through services.
  • Through the contribution to available information and knowledge on Syrian LGBTQIA+ contexts for all other parties interested in positive change.
  • By policy influencing and changing Syrian law, and representation in Syrian law.

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