Holistic Protection

Everyone, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, deserves equal access to opportunities and services, their safety and rights should be protected. This is one of the main goals that GEM believe in.
Gender inequality and discrimination against LGBTQIA+ mean they are often robbed of the right to make their own life decisions – from what happens to their bodies, to when and to whom they marry.
People who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer, Intersex, Ally/Asexual, or other (LGBTQIA+) are among the most marginalized and excluded members of society. They are particularly vulnerable to stigma, violence, and discrimination due to their actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity. This can have lasting consequences on their social and psychological health and substantially adverse effects on society.
The challenges facing LGBTQIA+ people have been exacerbated, due to the conflict in Syria. To combat these challenges GEM focuses on providing prevention, response, and empowering protection activities to the LGBTQIA+ community. Activities under these provisions include Human rights awareness-raising, sexual health awareness-raising, Sexual Gender-based violence services, Gender-based violence services, provide legal counselling services, Mental health psychosocial support, psychoeducation, case management, cash-based assistance protection, urgent grants, referral, and capacity building.
GEM also aims to advance gender equality through youth engagement. The program aims to empower girls and engage boys to identify and challenge harmful, negative masculinities perpetuating discrimination and inequality.
GEM seeks to implement holistic protection services that include a referral system helping to secure the humanitarian needs of LGBTQIA+ people who suffer from fragile economic conditions. Through this system, GEM will also seek to allocate capacity building programs provided by GEM or its partners to contribute to the sustainable economic empowerment and financial autonomy of its beneficiaries.

GEM work to protect LGBTQIA+ and LGBTQIA+ defenders through such services

  • Public Health
  • case management
  • social services

GEM’s beneficiary base also includes LGBTQIA+ rights defenders and activists as they are also at risk in MENA regions for socio-political reasons. As such GEM seeks to provide tailored protection services to these individuals as we believe supporting rights defenders and activists is an integral part of supporting LGBTQIA+ rights as a whole.