Opinion piece of Subhi Nahas


Opinion Article

The world around us has changed drastically in the past few decades, and so have people’s opinions on so many different societal issues, including being homosexual (gay). In the past, homosexuality was seen as a sin or an illness, but now it is seen as something that should be accepted by society in many cultures around the world ,however, most cultures still have extreme opinions regarding someone’s sexual orientation and expression. It is so extreme that only being conceived as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community is a good enough reason to guarantee imprisonment and/or even the death penalty.

There are many reasons why people think that homosexuality is a choice, alongside many reasons why they reject it,Some people reject this because they believe that it goes against their religion or their moral values. Others reject homosexuality because they believe that it will lead them down a path of discrimination and prejudice.The idea of homosexuality being a choice has been around for centuries, despite the fact and hard evidence that this phenomenon is not a choice. There are many people who have tried to change their sexual orientation and they have failed miserably,Personally, I wonder how a whole community can ignore the simple fact that choices are made only if you have options to select from. I don’t remember signing up anywhere to be gay and be targeted with mockery and discrimination—no one ever said they crave attention so much to the point it could kill them.

Finally, the ability to choose must be an incredible privilege since you can just press a button and be straight, then another and you can be gay. This makes me wonder why any member of the LGBTQIA+ community would want to take this marooned path and convict themselves to a life of discrimination and abuse.