Deportation of Syrian LGBTQIA+ refugees from Turkey: “Go to Syria and die there.”

Introduction:  The Turkish police campaign continues to pursue, as it says, “violators” of Syrian refugees on its territory. While the principle of prohibiting forced return is one of the most essential principles of the Geneva Refugee Convention and its Protocol, to which Turkey is a party, Article 33 stipulates that “No Contracting State may expel […]

GEM’s side event in Brussels VIII Syria Conference 2024

“The Syrian LGBTQIA+ People in Conflict and Displacement, and Their Contribution to Peace and Accountability Efforts.” (Research Launching)Brussels VIII Conf,  29 April 2024 (13: 00 PM to 14:30) Register here We are pleased to invite you to attend a side event on the side-lines of the Brussels VIII conference to support the future of Syria […]

GEM most significant achievements in 2023

In this video, we wanted to share our most significant achievements in 2023. On this occasion, the Guardians of Equality Movement (GEM) expresses gratitude to the organization’s workers, including the working team and volunteers, for their dedicated efforts throughout this year. We are excited to share with you the accomplishments of the coming year (: […]

“Modern Liberalism”: Assad’s Approach to Attacking Freedoms… How Did Asma al-Assad Involve the Issue of Homosexuality in Her Visit to China?

As part of a systematic strategy by the Syrian regime, Asma al-Assad recently targeted the LGBTQIA+ community, considering it the cornerstone of “modern liberalism.” In an attempt to portray LGBTQIA+  individuals as a weapon created by the West to threaten values and ethics in society, she made these remarks during a speech to university students […]

Joint statement | Forced deportation is a crime.

The forced deportation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon must cease. The signatory human rights organizations condemn the continued forced deportation of Syrian refugees from their host territory to Syria by Lebanese authorities. Such forcibly returned persons may be at immediate risk of arrest, torture, rape, sexual violence, enforced disappearances upon their arrival in Syria, and […]

lesbian visibility Week… Sarah Hegazy is gone and her sun has not set!

lesbian visibility Week is an opportunity to shed light on lesbian and transgender women and to raise their voices, who reject male dependency and heterosexual guardianship. We can also consider this occasion a sanctuary for lesbians to feel safe, and to appear in a world that still treats them with discrimination and inequality, and deals […]


On 6 February, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake centered in Gaziantep, Turkey heavily impacted Southern Turkey and Northern Syria. This earthquake was followed by other large-scale earthquakes throughout the day, causing more than 6,000 buildings to crumble. With Guardians of Equality Movement (GEM) headquartered in Gaziantep, our staff and beneficiaries have been highly affected by this earthquake. […]