GEM’s side event in Brussels VIII Syria Conference 2024


“The Syrian LGBTQIA+ People in Conflict and Displacement, and Their Contribution to Peace and Accountability Efforts.” (Research Launching)
Brussels VIII Conf,  29 April 2024 (13: 00 PM to 14:30)

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We are pleased to invite you to attend a side event on the side-lines of the Brussels VIII conference to support the future of Syria and the region, titled “The LGBTQIA+ Community in Syria: in Conflict, Displacement, and their Contributions to Peace and Accountability.” The event will be held in person in Brussels, with the option to join it online, on April 29, 2024, from 13:00 to 14:30.

English and Arabic interpretation will be available


Historic Participation in the Brussels Conference!

This participation marks the second consecutive involvement of the Guardians of Equality Movement in one of the most important conferences in the Syrian context.

After mobilization, advocacy, and our success in representing LGBTQIA + individuals for the first time in Syria’s history during the previous Brussels conference and including them in political work at the international level, we proudly announce our participation again this year. We aim to contribute to Syria’s future as an integral part of Syrian society. This achievement is thanks to efforts that began from the moment That our organization was founded and did not end with our demands two years ago for the international community and the European Union to include and represent LGBTQIA+ individuals in Syrian political discussions and human rights pathways.

Agneda and Programme:

Moderator: Mariana karkoutly  (Legal investigator, Human rights activist)

Name of panellistTalking scopeTime
GEM’s Representative Opening remark from Co Organizers  GEM’ representees10 M
Angelica Polmonari  Speach on the LBTQ Women’s5M
Sarah Alsheikh AliPresent research methodology Main findings Challenges and recommendations.15 M
Lilith ShamasLGBTQIA+ Asylum seeking and the LGBTQIA+ In Iraq, and Inside Syria10 M
Dania NajariQueer FLINTA (Female, Lesbian, intersex, Transgender, Agender) inside and outside of Syria10 M
Mahmoud HassinoSeeking asylum in Europe10 M
Sarah Alsheikh AliThe Research Discussion10 M
Q AND AOpen discussions with the Audience20 M


Before the 2011 uprising and subsequent armed conflict, which caused significant damage and led to the country’s fragmentation over the past decade, LGBTQIA+ individuals in Syria faced enduring challenges. They were disproportionately affected as marginalized groups in one of the worst wars since WWII.

However, Syrian LGBTQIA+ communities were not included in policy discussions and humanitarian initiatives within the Syrian context, despite being one of the most affected groups. They faced discrimination from both state and non-state actors. Yet, our research indicates that the LGBTQIA+ community has not been adequately incorporated into policy efforts, accountability measures, and peace-building initiatives, despite being crucial components of these efforts. Building on this, the Guardians of Equality Movement (GEM) participated for the first time in the history of Syria’s public affairs by attending the Brussels conference for the Future of Syria VII in 2023. From there, we will continue to represent the Syrian LGBTQIA+ community in all relevant forums.

Even though this research is from rare data resources in the Syrian context many actors in the Syrian Context described the Syrian LGBTQIA+ situation as a black hole and hard to understate so our research is one step forward for many other studies and reports coming in the way as part of our goals.

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