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Solidarity in the Face of Inequality is our mantra, we believe that we are stronger together and to make sustainable positive change we need you! 

Being a GEM member means you are playing an active role in the fight for fair and equal human rights. Whether you are an LGBTQIA+ community member, rights defender, activist, or ally your involvement with our movement means our advocacy reach goes further. 

what do I have to do as a member?

You can be as involved as you like, whether it’s helping us fundraise, signing petitions, sharing our advocacy campaigns, contributing to our programs and development, making regular donations, or just following our work. Your participation is key to helping us reach our goals!

What is involved?

You will become part of our Member’s Community with the opportunity to be involved in discussions on human rights, emerging LGBTQIA+ issues, humanitarian concepts, and more. You will have access to exclusive GEM updates and events, and have opportunities to contribute in a wider way to our mission. 

Our member’s community is under development. To register, fill out this form. While you wait we can send you updates and news via our monthly newsletter if you click the subscription option in the form! 


GEM is a new organization and we need your help to grow! We are looking for diversity in experiences and skills to contribute to the development of our services, and we welcome the expansion of our team. If you have specialized experience already and you want to contribute by volunteering please specify it in our volunteer application.

We find value in the development of our organization but also in the professional and personal development of our team, if you are looking to gain experience please specify what you want to learn/gain from our volunteering program so we can help you get there! 

Becoming a GEM volunteer means you will have access to our Member’s Community as well as exclusive opportunities for training, networking, and experience working in the humanitarian/CSO/Human Rights  field with a passionate team of professionals and activists.

Volunteer with us to fight oppression and advocate for fair and equal human rights for all! 

Solidarity in the Face of Inequality.