Emergency Response for Syrian LGBTQIA+ Earthquake Victims


Help us respond rapidly to Syrian LGBTQIA+ needs by contributing to one of the fundraisers below:


Our colleagues from the SIDE team at CARE have put together a GoFundMe to raise funds for immediate needs: Emergency relocation of LGBT activists in Turkey

GEM is raising funds for its Emergency Response Initiative to facilitate relocation, accommodation, and basic needs for Syrian LGBTQIA+ earthquake victims:


Emergency Response for GEM’s Team Members and their families affected by the Earthquakes

GEM’s Team members in Southern Turkey and Northern Syria have been severely impacted by the Earthquakes beginning on February 6, those affected who are unable to return to, or have lost their homes have been stranded in the streets and are in urgent need of assistance. GEM aims to raise 15,000 Euros to provide emergency response services to our team members in affected areas, by facilitating relocation, temporary accomodation, and basic need provisions such as food, water, blankets, warm clothes, hygiene products, and Medicine, to get our team back to doing what they do best; serving the Syrian LGBTQIA+ community.

Emergency Response for Syrian LGBTQIA+ individuals and activists with an open call for new beneficiaries

Syrian LGBTQIA+ individuals and activists are some of the most affected in the wake of the recent earthquakes, those who have lost their homes, loved ones, and access to basic needs are now at an even higher risk from the dangers of anti-LGBTQIA+ factors in Syria and Turkey. Fears of being discriminated and persecuted against by social, cultural, religious, governmental and militant entities are at an all time high; being plunged into extremely exposed positions such as homelessness, lack of basic needs, and having logistical, social, and economic barriers to humanitarian aid. GEM will be providing urgent cash assistance to LGBTQIA+ to facilitate relocation, accomodation, and basic needs procurement, so that care can be accessed regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, geographical location, nationality, religion, or background.


Long-term Support for Syrian LGBTQIA+ earthquake victims including specialised MHPSS focusing on PTSD, trauma, and bereavement.

As the needs of Syrian LGBTQIA+ in the wake of the disaster develop, we are working to provide comprehensive and long-term support for victims. We already understand the deterimental effect of crises such as these on mental health and well-being. Therefore GEM is working to build and acquire funding for MHPSS services that focus on PTSD, trauma, and bereavement therapies specialised to account for LGBTQIA+ needs and sensitivity.

As further needs of LGBTQIA+ develop following the earthquakes, we will be conducting research, tailoring our existing services, and cultivating new partnerships and services to meet as many individual needs as we can.


Assist our partners in their earthquake response efforts:

CHOOSE LOVE : https://donate.chooselove.org/campaigns/emergency-earthquake-appeal/

CARE INTERNATIONAL : http://care.org/social