lesbian visibility Week… Sarah Hegazy is gone and her sun has not set!

lesbian visibility Week is an opportunity to shed light on lesbian and transgender women and to raise their voices, who reject male dependency and heterosexual guardianship. We can also consider this occasion a sanctuary for lesbians to feel safe, and to appear in a world that still treats them with discrimination and inequality, and deals […]

What is pansexuality, and how is it different from Bisexuality

 Pansexuality By the beginning of the twentieth century, knowledge about human nature has developed far beyond human imagination, especially if we compare the knowledge level we have nowadays to how it was in previous centuries. On one hand, it adopted many simple pre-judgments due to lack of knowledge, and the religious ideological thoughts’ dominance and […]

An experience with “lesbian stigma”

It is 6 months since Lesbian Visibility week 2022 and we wanted to share how we hope its intentions might continue to impact social change for the LGBTQIA+ community til its 2023 return. In the spirit of this, we keep sharing Lesbian experiences from the region , creating a platform for their voices and greater […]

Opinion piece of Subhi Nahas

Opinion Article The world around us has changed drastically in the past few decades, and so have people’s opinions on so many different societal issues, including being homosexual (gay). In the past, homosexuality was seen as a sin or an illness, but now it is seen as something that should be accepted by society in […]